Snowmobile Trailers, Is It Too Early…

Snowmobile Trailers, Is It Too Early? For or the people that are really into Snowmobiling,it’s never too early to be thinking about getting out in the snow and riding. Before the temperature gets to glove level, it is a good idea to do the maintenance that is needed on your machine so when the snow flies you are ready to get out there and enjoy it. 

Now is also a good time to be thinking about what size trailer you need to get your machines to the location you want safely.

We have included several sheets with specifications and sizes at the end of this article. First go over the Maintenance sheet we have included, then look over the trailer sheets and let us know which one we should get ready for you.

Snowmobile Maintenance Plan:

Snowmobile Maintenance Plan – Is your snowmobile ready for the season? While you’re waiting for those first flakes to hit the ground, now may be the perfect time to prep your snowmobile. A pre-season checkup is in order before hitting the trails, and with some patience, a couple tools and some time, you can have your machine good to go.

It’s best to start with the basics, like cleaning off the snowmobile. Besides removing any dirt and debris, a clean machine will help you make a better evaluation. You will be able to see any stress points, buckling or cracks. Let your eyes and your hands wander over the snowmobile, especially checking for any loose parts.

When executing your snowmobile maintenance plan, pay special attention to the skis and runners. Whether the skis are steel or plastic, there shouldn’t be any holes or deep gouges in them. Occasionally, the runners can get bent, but this is fixable by using a vice to straighten them out. The next step in the preparation process involves some mechanical ability, but anyone can tackle these items. All you will need are a few tools and the owner’s manual nearby as reference.  Wipe all the grease fittings on the machine, carefully cleaning off any corrosion that may have developed. You will then be adding new automotive grease to these fittings, filling them until the older grease oozes out. Be sure to do this to all the fittings; check the owner’s manual to see the exact locations.

If the gas wasn’t drained out at the end of last year’s season, now is the time to do it. The snowmobile won’t run well on gas that’s been sitting for months and when you’re out on the trails you will want the best performance you can get.

Spark plugs should be removed and replaced. Refer to the owner’s manual to determine the correct plugs to use. If you purchased the snowmobile from a private owner, don’t assume the spark plugs are the right ones. Take a moment to verify it from the manual. Although cleaning the spark plugs might be an alternative to putting in new ones, to get the most out of your snowmobile, go for the new plugs.

The starter rope should be examined for any fraying. If it doesn’t look in great condition, replace it now. It’s always advisable to carry a spare rope with you on the trails, so buy two and keep one for a spare.

Check the battery terminals, clean them and add water to the battery if it’s low. The carburetor should also be cleaned, especially if the machine has been idle for a while. Use a quality carburetor cleaner and pay special attention to the inlet needle. This has a tendency to get stuck either in the open or shut position. In the open position the engine will flood but if the inlet needle stays closed there won’t be a proper amount of gas to fuel the engine.

Check the throttle and make sure it moves freely. If this control should stick in a fully or partially open position, the snowmobile may be recklessly powered forward and could cause serious injuries. The throttle is spring-loaded which means it’s designed to return to an idling position when you take your hand off it. This is an essential part of operating a snowmobile and needs to be thoroughly checked.


If you would like to get your machines in your trailer so the tongue weight is correct and you can mark the floor so when you load it is correct every time, check out this web post:

Now for those of you that are interested in looking at trailers scroll on down and read up on the units we stock. Just to give you an idea of trailer sizes and what they will carry, we have included this little cheat sheet:

7X19 Trailer 2 Sleds

7X21 Trailer  2 Sleds

7X23 Trailer 3 Sleds

7X25 Trailer 3 Sleds

8.5X25 Trailer 4 Sleds

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