Why Should I Consider Hydraulic Tilt

If you have employees, Liability is certainly something that your insurance provider and workers compensation make you look at rather you want too or not. If you are the whole company you already know you can’t afford sick days let alone being laid up for an injury. When you start taking a look at these issues you might want to take the extra step and Consider Hydraulic Tilt. It very well could be the least expensive item you put on your trailer.

With all the changes going down in the insurance industry and peoples willingness to use Workers Compensation and personal injury attorneys are only three of the reasons to take a look at how inexpensive it is to put Hydraulic Dove Tails and Hydraulic Tilt on trailers today. One of the other considerations that has been mentioned by several of our customers, their employees are working longer which means we have an aging work force. Older employees normally have a great work ethic but lets face it, we don’t handle heavy lifting as well in our 50’s and beyond, as we did in our 20’s & 30’s.

At Jason Dietsch Trailer Sales we are dealers for Load Trail Tilt Trailers. Load Trail is committed to delivering high quality trailers that are engineered – and built – to work hard every day, just like you. Load Trail has over 15 years of experience in trailer manufacturing and every trailer is built in their State of the Art facility.  The Load Trail brand means high quality, high performance and lasting durability – every time, with every trailer.


We would also like to mention their industry best warranty. They are so confident in their product that they offer the best warranty currently available on the market. If an industry best warranty is not enough, they have also added a two year road side assistance package free with every Load Trail trailer built since 2011. That means less liability to you and your employees on the road.

If you or one of your friends is looking for a Tilt trailer, give Bob or Jason a call at 419-298-0777.

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